The real deal

The hard part of getting over being discarded by a narcissist is realizing they were never invested in you or the relationship. All that time,emotions, money was wasted on an emotionless creep who was only charming at the beginning AND that was just an act. They wasn’t worth your tears then and they aren’t worth them now. They aren’t worth a second thought . So we meaning I just needs to forgive ourselves first and forget about them

He’s done this before

I know it’s the same exact way he discarded his ex fiancé but like a fool I thought he really thought I was his soul mate.  His ex and I are friendly and she told me that this isn’t the first time he’s done this and she wasn’t talking about to her. I’m making it a point to go see her and ask her what she was talking about. Just out of curiosity. She’s known him for a long time. Stay tuned


Realizing that you that this was inevitable, you were never as important to him as he was to you!

I know I had these feelings deep inside, and I found myself thinking “I’ve got to fix this – I’ve gambled more than I can lose.” We both knew that when my brother found out I was married ( I am Caucasian and my “husband” is black), he would make me move out of my parents home whereas I had NO house payment, the hows and whys if that is a different story altogether. So he (my soon to be ex) promised me that we’d make it work. I am 52 and now I have to move out of my jerk’s house so he can marry his married soul mate and move her in. I could never have fixed it because I was into the marriage more than he ever was, and I’m left to fend for myself. Hindsight is so 20/20. I was betting on love when he didn’t love me that much after all. If he had, he wouldn’t have fallen in love with another, He would have honored his solemn promise to me.

Not yet, but I’m on my way

What do you do? What can you do? When the person that promised you;  that you were his soul mate, that he had to have you, and that he loved you more than anything,and couldn’t live without you loses those feelings and finds his true soul mate (before you knew it was over), leaving you devastated. Betrayed. Hurt  Angry. You are powerless to do anything but to get over it. Get over him. Make a better life than you ever had with him. Because you are worth it, and he (or she) wasn’t. So here’s to getting over it in 2015. Follow me on my journey. Some days it will be more venting than others, but we might all learn from this.